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How to spell UNAPPEACED correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "unappeaced", fear not! Here are a few potential correct alternatives for this word: "unappeased", meaning not pacified or satisfied; "unseated", referring to the act of removing someone from a position; or "unperceived", denoting something not being recognized or understood.

List of suggestions on how to spell unappeaced correctly

  • Appealed He appealed to the audience's sense of justice with a heartfelt plea for leniency.
  • Appeared The dark clouds appeared on the horizon, signaling an approaching storm.
  • Appeased The teacher appeased the student by allowing them to retake the test.
  • Reappeared After being missing for days, the lost hiker reappeared at the entrance of the national park.
  • Unapplied The unapplied knowledge he possessed was a wasted opportunity for growth and development.
  • Unapproved Her unapproved absence from work resulted in disciplinary action.
  • Unpaced The runner felt unpaced as she struggled to maintain her speed during the race.
  • Unplaced I felt unplaced and disoriented in a city that was completely unfamiliar to me.
  • Unpleased She was unpleased with the quality of the product she had purchased.
  • Unspaced The unspaced document was difficult to read, as each word blurred together without any breaks.

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