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How to spell UNDERED correctly?

The misspelling "undered" could possibly be corrected to "underrated", "underused" or "understood". These corrections would depend on the context in which the misspelling was used and the intended meaning. Proofreading and using spell-check can also help avoid misspellings in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell undered correctly

  • cindered The forest was left cindered and desolate after the devastating wildfire.
  • Endeared The baby's adorable antics endeared her to everyone in the room.
  • Endured Despite the rigorous training, the athlete endured the pain and persevered through to win the race.
  • Entered The door was entered into by the large man with the beard.
  • Foundered The business ultimately foundered due to poor financial management.
  • Hindered The hindered officer was able to move closer to the suspect and detain him.
  • hundred
  • indeed Indeed, the weather forecast was accurate and it started raining just as predicted.
  • Laundered The cash was laundered through various accounts.
  • maundered She maundered through her tears.
  • ordered
  • Pandered The politician pandered to the wealthy donors, promising tax breaks and other benefits.
  • Pondered I pondered what to wear tonight.
  • Rendered
  • Sundered Their love was sundered when she left him for another man.
  • Tendered
  • Thundered She thundered down the hall, her robe sweeping the ground.
  • underbid The company lost the contract because they underbid their competitors by too much.
  • underfed I'm underfed and it's making me sick.
  • Underfeed I need to underfeed my dog so that he won't become overweight.
  • underused Most hotels in the area are underused.
  • undesired The unexpected and undesired rain made our outdoor picnic quite difficult.
  • uttered She uttered a scream when she saw the spider on the wall.
  • Wandered I wandered aimlessly through the park, enjoying the cool breeze and chirping of birds.
  • Wondered I wondered how much longer I would have to wait on this line.

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