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How to spell UNHOZED correctly?

If you meant to type "unhozed" but realized it's misspelled, here are some possible corrections: "unhinged" or "unhosed". Perhaps you meant to say someone became agitated or unbalanced (unhinged) or that something got disconnected from a hose (unhosed). Always double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell unhozed correctly

  • Snoozed She snoozed her alarm several times before finally getting out of bed.
  • Unbowed Even after facing numerous challenges, the athlete remained unbowed and determined to succeed.
  • Unboxed I unboxed my new gaming console and set it up in my room.
  • Unfazed Despite the sudden noise, the experienced teacher remained unfazed and continued with her lecture.
  • Unhooked When the fish was unhooked, it was released back into the water.
  • Unhorsed The knight was suddenly unhorsed by the impact of the opposing army's charge.
  • Unloved The abandoned dogs at the shelter are unloved and lonely.
  • Unmoved Despite all of the noise and chaos around them, the cat remained completely unmoved, dozing peacefully in the sun.
  • Unyoked After years of being in an unhappy marriage, she finally unyoked herself from her abusive husband.

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