What is the correct spelling for USELY?

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Correct spelling for USELY

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Possible correct spellings for usely

  • aisle The gray silhouette marching down the aisle of gloom.
  • alley Let anything happen in the alley, an' she's up an' out in the thick of it.
  • asl It was originally based on American Sign Language (ASL) but has diverged significantly enough to now be considered a language in its own right.
  • basely Well do I remember that thou, the betrothed of the Demagogue's sister, didst not join with my uncle and my father of old, but didst basely leave the city to her plebeian tyrant.
  • busily With her child she would not suffer for company, and the work on Jacqueline's wedding-dress would keep her busily employed, while Delilah and Simon Peter were protection enough for her at night.
  • easel I followed him to the easel, and placed an affectionate arm on his shoulder.
  • easily "My being here is easily explained.
  • eel She'll slip him, she's an eel.
  • ell "We-ell," Sorry drawled amiably as she went past him, "playin' rabbit-under-a-bush mebby don't look purty, but it's dern good life insurance."
  • ese Akeredolu of Aderoyiju family of Igbotu, Ese Odo, in Ondo State.
  • espy In place of eiderdown Scott's old uniform overcoat usually covered his bed, while peeping out from under his sleeping place one could espy an emblem of civilisation and prosperity in the shape of a very good suit-case.
  • icily Unwinking, icily malignant, black slits of eyes glared at us between pouches that held them half closed.
  • isle With this news, being somewhat comforted, he ventured to pass from that isle towards Carthage.
  • islet He was not quite as successful with his sidewise swing, landing with only his forearms across the islet, the rest of his body being swiftly embedded in what was ooze covered only with a thin crust of dried matter.
  • muesli Theres no sight better, than melting butter, on jumbo breakfast roll (repeats the chorus) Now just the other day, after me roll and tae in me gut I got an awful ache Well I went to me doctor say's he that's an artery blocker youre a having every morning for break So to change me lifestyle he has me walking five mile and seeing a dietitian called Noel But hanging from me head to see two runny eggs and a jumbo breakfast roll (repeats the chorus) SAD VERSE Now the years have moved on, and my life has changed And now I'm a different man, Im after losing three stone Doing a line with a girl called Joan, and were both veg-it-tare-i-an Now my blood sugar levels are good to go, and my cholesterol is low But in the morning Id sell my soul Just to sit outside Annie Macs on Emo, Statoil, Shell forecourt And ate a jumbo breakfast roll (repeats the chorus) Original Version Well I wake up, in the morning, and I jump straight outa bed I grab a hould of me luminous jacket and shake off me ould porter head I havent time for the fancy breakfast or put muesli in the bowl I just head to the Statoil garage for the jumbo breakfast roll Two eggs, two sausages, two rashers, two bacon, two pudding, one black, one white All stacked like a tower on top of each other and rolled up good n tight If yer havin some tae the milk's over there, youll find sugar in the bowl Says she do ya want some sauce on that?
  • mussel "Aye," said the mussel, "when she doesn't go for me!"
  • oslo Thence sailed King Harald north with his host to Norway, faring first to Oslo, and in that place gave leave to all his men who desired it to go even to their own homes.
  • outsell (By contrast, video game consoles at the time were easily available in a number of department and toy chains, allowing them to far outsell the VideoBrain Computer System).
  • sally The siege had reached the proper stage for a sally, and the attacking forces were howling over the walls.
  • seal Then he broke the seal, still joining in the conversation, which turned upon wealth.
  • sell If we sell her, she will die suddenly, and feel no pain.
  • silly The little silly fool!
  • slay I will slay him!
  • slew "Have mercy on me," exclaimed he, "it was I who twenty years ago slew my brother in the forest of Godesberg.
  • sly His small eyes glittered with sly facetiousness as he shot a twinkle at his sister.
  • sol Solly, dearie,-my own Sol!
  • sulla 16. Marius envied the new consul, Sulla, because the war against Mithridates had been assigned him.
  • sully As soon as Sully appeared, the King observed: "Well; here the Duke of Cleve is dead, and has left everybody his heir."
  • surly "And yet," observed Kirkpatrick, in a surly tone, "Heselrigge was one of these people!"
  • ugly
  • unseal
  • url
  • use
  • used
  • useful
  • usefully
  • useless
  • user
  • usual
  • usually
  • usury
  • wesley
  • wisely
  • Sal It was not exactly the same thing as sal volatile, of course, but at any rate it would keep the girl quiet, so, pouring out a large glassful, she bade Marie drink it.
  • Ursula
  • Ashley 128-231. Dale, Harrison Clifford 1918. The Ashley-Smith Explorations and the Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-1829. Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Edsel Bermuda shorts, a type of short trousers Bermuda Conference, an international conference between the United Kingdom and the United States held on April 19, 1943 at Hamilton, Bermuda, concerned with the plight of European Jews Bermuda Agreement, an aviation agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom Brewster Bermuda, a British name for the Brewster SB2A Buccaneer two-seat scout bomber Edsel Bermuda, a 1958 station wagon Bermuda national cricket team, the national cricket team of Bermuda "Bermuda" (song), a 1951 song by The Bell Sisters "Bermuda", a song by Roky Erickson, first released as a single, and then inserted into some albums 45600 Bermuda, a British LMS Jubilee Class locomotive
  • Eli Eli thought he knew something about human nature, and that knowledge convinced him that if he should refuse to follow Pendoggat he would lose his best friend.
  • Eloy Chronicles II may refer to: Books of Chronicles Chronicles II (album), an album by Eloy
  • Lesley He strode out of the room, without deigning to answer her cry of surprise and inquiry, and Lesley took up the letter.
  • Russel Alfred Russel Wallace has very justly remarked that when Lyell wrote the "Principles of Geology", "the doctrines of Hutton and Playfair, so much in advance of their age, seemed to be utterly forgotten."
  • Eels They are as slippery as eels,-and as silent as a muffler," I added, taking good-humouredly the general laugh that greeted my mixed metaphor.
  • uses
  • isles When I had spent a delightful half-hour in viewing the distant isles, M. de.
  • users
  • UL
  • ISL Q. to move as a skiff; or Isl. skaf-a, skef, radere, q. to graze.
  • USS
  • USO
  • USU
  • ESL The inductive parts of a capacitor are summarized in the equivalent series inductance, or ESL.
  • TESL
  • URLS
  • Mosley The ethos and sometimes the uniform were later copied by others who shared Mussolini's political ideas, including Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, who issued brown shirts to the "Storm Troops" (Sturmabteilung) and black uniforms to the "Defense Squad" (Schutzstaffel, also colloquially known as "Brownshirts", because they wore black suit-like tunics with brown shirts), Sir Oswald Mosley in the United Kingdom (whose British Union of Fascists were also known as the "Blackshirts"), the Warriors for the Advancement of the Bulgarian National Spirit who wore red shirts, William Dudley Pelley in the United States (Silver Legion of America or "Silver Shirts"), in Mexico the Camisas Doradas or "Golden Shirts", Plínio Salgado in Brazil (whose followers wore green shirts), and Eoin ODuffy in the Irish Free State (Army Comrades Association or "Blueshirts").

20 words made from the letters usely

3 letter words made from usely:

ley, leu, yue, yes, sue, sly, use, sle, lye.

4 letter words made from usely:

yuel, suel, leus, suey, slye, ueys, leys, yule, slue, sule.

5 letter words made from usely:

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