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How to spell USURE correctly?

If you meant to write "usure" but it was a misspelling, there are several correct suggestions. The word "ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. Similarly, "assure" means to give someone confidence or a promise. Additionally, "azure" refers to a bright blue color often associated with the sky.

List of suggestions on how to spell usure correctly

  • assure I can assure you that the package will arrive on time.
  • azure I love the azure blue color of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • ensure As a responsible parent, it is important to ensure that your child gets a good education.
  • insure I need to insure my car to legally drive it on the road.
  • sere The desert was sere and lifeless under the scorching sun.
  • sire The king asked the sire for his advice on the matter.
  • sore After running for an hour, my muscles were extremely sore.
  • sure Are you sure you want to leave already?
  • surer
  • unsure I am unsure if I will be able to attend the party.
  • use I always use my phone to stay connected with my friends and family.
  • user The software developer wants to create a user-friendly app.
  • ussr The dissolution of the USSR marked the end of a significant era in world history.
  • USU
  • usurer The usurer demanded unreasonable interest rates from his borrowers, making it impossible for them to repay their loans.
  • usurers Payday lenders are usurers because they charge high interest rates.
  • usurp The new manager tried to usurp Jane's authority, but she stood her ground and remained in charge.
  • usurper The people saw the new ruler as an usurper and refused to acknowledge his authority.
  • usury

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