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How to spell VEDICTIONS correctly?

"Vedictions" is a misspelling of the word "predictions". To provide a correct suggestion, one can simply suggest using the correct spelling of the word i.e. "predictions". Additionally, tools such as spell check can be used to identify and correct the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell vedictions correctly

  • addictions Many people struggle with various addictions, ranging from drugs to technology.
  • dedications The book's dedications page was filled with heartfelt messages from the author to their loved ones.
  • deductions The deductions on my paycheck were higher than expected.
  • depictions Her depictions of nature were so lifelike, it was as if she had captured it on canvas.
  • editions There are multiple editions of that book available for purchase.
  • evictions The pandemic has caused an increase in evictions as many people are struggling to pay rent.
  • mediations The family's disputes were resolved through mediators during their mediational sessions.
  • medications I have been taking medications for my allergies.
  • predictions The weather predictions for the weekend are calling for rain and thunderstorms.
  • redactions The government often employs redactions to protect sensitive information from public disclosure.
  • reductions The company decided to implement cost reductions to manage the financial challenges.
  • seductions The seductions of wealth and power can lead people down a dangerous path.
  • valedictions During graduation, the valedictions from the top students always leave the audience in awe.

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