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How to spell VENNEZ correctly?

The correct spelling for "vennez" is "venez". It is the first-person plural conjugation of the verb "venir", which means "to come" in French. Other correct suggestions based on context could include "venons" (first-person plural present tense) or "venaient" (third-person plural imperfect tense).

List of suggestions on how to spell vennez correctly

  • Bennet
  • Fennec The Fennec fox is the smallest species of fox in the world.
  • Fennel I added some fresh fennel to my salad for a burst of flavor.
  • Genned
  • Jenner Kylie Jenner is a famous influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Jennet My neighbor has a beautiful Jennet horse that she rides every weekend.
  • Kenned He kenned that his exam was going to be difficult.
  • Kennel I need to put my dog in the kennel while I'm at work.
  • Kenner I heard that Kenner is where they shot a lot of scenes for the movie "Jurassic World."
  • Kenney
  • Mendez
  • Mennen
  • Penne I ordered penne pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs.
  • Penned She penned a heartfelt letter to her old professor.
  • Penney
  • Rennes I visited the beautiful city of Rennes during my trip to France.
  • Rennet Rennet is used in the cheese-making process to coagulate milk and separate the curds from the whey.
  • Tenner I only have a tenner, so I can't afford to buy both of these items.
  • Tenney
  • Vanned The injured horse was vanned to the veterinary clinic for medical attention.
  • Veined The veined marble countertop added an elegant touch to the kitchen design.
  • Velez
  • Vended The hot dogs were vended from the street cart on the corner.
  • Veneer The online store was selling a decorative veneer that looked like wood, but was actually made of vinyl.
  • Venn "Can you draw me a Venn diagram to help me understand the concept better?"
  • Vented He vented his frustrations by taking a walk outside.
  • Venue The venue for the conference has been changed to a bigger hall due to the high number of expected attendees.
  • Venues The city offers a wide variety of venues for concerts, weddings, and other special events.
  • Verne Jules Verne was a French novelist known for his adventure novels, including "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."
  • Zenned I feel so zenned after my yoga class.

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