Correct spelling for VERAION

We think the word veraion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for veraion

  • heroin transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin and South American cocaine destined for Western Europe; increasing consumption of European-produced synthetic drugs
  • merino Certainly, I would have liked the other coat and hat better, that I had rejected; and the thought of the rich soft folds of that silky merino were not pleasant to me.
  • rain Then it rain, and I overtook him as I go back to the house."
  • vain Jack, are you vain?
  • variation Spear, Sacred, 67. Species, Variation of, 25. Spencer, Herbert, 222 n.
  • veering "Sunday in the suburbs is such a dull thing, one feels quite asphyxiated, even to the marrow," she said, addressing herself to Harry, and veering weathercock-wise in the direction of Tyndall.
  • vein With this idea he visited the legal gentleman, immediately after the train arrived in Blacktown, and not only told him all which had happened relative to the robbery; but divulged the secret of the vein.
  • verlaine When Verhaeren began to write, Victor Hugo, the crowned king of French lyric poetry, was dead; Baudelaire was forgotten; Paul Verlaine was still almost unknown.
  • vermin The provisions in the baskets were pouring out; in walking, pieces of salt, parcels of gum, rotten dates, and gourou nuts were crushed underfoot; and sometimes on vermin-covered bosoms there would hang a slender cord supporting a diamond that the Satraps had sought, an almost fabulous stone, sufficient to purchase an empire.
  • verona Two Gentlemen of Verona.
  • version As for me, bet or no bet, I want you to keep the new version which is quite in the atmosphere, while the theological virtues are not.
  • wearing And his comrade had neglected to settle for the suit of clothes he was wearing.
  • Erin "The gardener," said the queen of Erin.
  • Marion I think I should have done it yet, but-but Marion-" Suddenly she bent forward, resting her face in her hands; and between the fingers a bright drop ran, glimmered, and fell.
  • Vernon Mount Vernon, October 10, 1790. This is next in date.
  • Vera At length the quick eye of a young officer, Captain Robert Lee, already noted for his services at Vera Cruz, discovered a line of approach, hidden from the enemy, by which the position might be turned.
  • Vern The first flight of the Model 45 was on 2 December 1948, by Beechcraft test pilot Vern Carstens.

226 words made from the letters veraion

4 letter words made from veraion:

nive, eira, iove, viro, reni, vena, noev, rani, roan, noer, iran, rivo, roen, rein, aveo, eoan, vron, veni, revi, iron, veio, vain, areo, aver, vien, reno, vona, erni, oran, vano, rive, nova, avon, anio, rano, rove, raio, rave, near, aero, vora, nove, vein, nevo, ieva, aire, oven, vine, viae, inoa, veon, vane, naor, over, nave, nori, earn, evro, orne, vino, nero, raie, aevi, rova, arno, rain, aeon, iora, vorn, oena, vier, neva, veno, noir.

3 letter words made from veraion:

ion, ane, ore, oar, neo, ron, vie, era, one, ire, eon, roe, rev, ani, iva, ear, avo, ira, nov, van, air, rna, var, ain, rio, are, ern.

6 letter words made from veraion:

inaroe, avoine, navier, rovine, vanier, vorian, varone, averno, naiver, aviner, erivan, voinea, vainer, verano, renvoi, venora, avenir, veroni, verona, ravine, aviron, ovarin, vanore, enviro, airone, enviar, irevna, aveiro, veroia.

5 letter words made from veraion:

varno, anier, nover, rovin, eiron, envio, varon, vairo, rinoa, noria, envia, varie, evora, norea, nerio, viane, raven, varni, erion, riano, ravne, arine, erian, vinea, oiran, roven, vanir, vaire, raivo, vario, iover, nervo, rivne, vaine, novar, revan, navoi, inova, ivane, vireo, venir, envoi, irena, renai, nario, nevar, raion, nervi, aiver, nerva, verio, naive, viano, verno, rione, ovina, roine, vrain, ravno, renov, invar, veroa, verni, navio, norev, reino, nirav, ravni, voina, ivrea, evron, naevo, arone, viren, onair, niver, nieva, avorn, vraie, vaino, viron, nivea, veria, noire, avine, areni, viena, viera, orena, avrin, orani, varin, verin, enova, aveni, irone.

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