Correct spelling for VERTABIM

We think the word vertabim is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for vertabim

  • terbium Alumina aerogels are also being considered by NASA for capturing hypervelocity particles; a formulation doped with gadolinium and terbium could fluoresce at the particle impact site, with the amount of fluorescence dependent on impact energy.
  • verbatim The proceedings of Congress are reported verbatim and published.
  • vertebra Old Judge Kellog who usually dozed on his twenty-first vertebra through testimony and argument-once a young fledgling of a lawyer, sailing aloft in the empyrean of his eloquence, had been brought tumbling confusedly to earth by the snoring of the bench-attested to the unusualness of the occasion by being upright and awake.
  • vietnam He is a 49 year-old Vietnam veteran who's worked for the Social Security Administration for 22 years now.
  • wartime Accustomed to tremendous wartime losses of manpower, they had at first taken the news stoically, interpreting it as just another defeat to be later redeemed by pouring fresh troops and then more fresh troops after those which had gone down.
  • Vertebrae These two aptitudes, simple though they be, characterize man better than the number of his vertebrae and his molars.

297 words made from the letters vertabim

4 letter words made from vertabim:

3 letter words made from vertabim:

iva, mba, bit, tam, aim, ebv, tea, bar, rib, tri, mei, abm, reb, eat, trm, ter, ram, tai, mit, mar, ate, tar, tia, rem, bra, arm, bat, arb, var, ret, eta, vie, vat, bai, rat, rim, rbi, tab, rit, atm, mat, rev, bet, ear, mri, bmr, ert, amb, tie, era, air, are, tmv, art, vet, ire, vim, ira.

5 letter words made from vertabim:

biver, eibar, taibe, mitre, brive, viter, matei, vitre, iater, ambit, rateb, miera, mitev, mareb, taver, tamei, taieb, viera, betim, temba, bitar, rivet, terim, itera, mbita, trema, abrim, raite, marvi, ative, ivrea, biter, brate, ribet, breit, mitar, matri, marib, armet, mirab, armie, mirat, timra, vetri, embia, miert, barit, varie, raeti, baier, mabie, mtera, veria, tribe, ambev, batie, braem, vaire, aiver, mitra, merit, vieta, verma, arbet, berit, eitam, vitae, tamer, rimba, betar, timba, timer, varbe, verit, trabi, viber, ritam, ritva, ramet, ramie, vibra, vitra, mirae, bamir, vitam, mtier, ribat, miter, retia, trave, temir, timar, biram, ibert, avert, beart, barve, tarve, vraie, berat, erbia, marei, teria, verba, baver, miret, virta, bravi, etiam, briem, amber, reima, bream, mbira, baire, beria, merta, vermi, mbare, atemi, itvbe, mavie, merab, rabei, tiber, atire, remit, rmitv, matir, irate, ibeam, ameri, tambe, marti, batei, brave, terai, mater.

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