How to spell VIOLIC correctly?

If you have come across the misspelling "violic", fear not! The correct suggestions for this word could be "violin", the exquisite musical instrument or "violent", which relates to force or aggression. Double-check your usage context to ensure you've chosen the fitting option to convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell violic correctly

  • colic The newborn started crying inconsolably due to colic.
  • Villi The villi in the small intestine increase surface area for nutrient absorption.
  • viol The viol, a medieval stringed instrument, was often used in classical music.
  • viola
  • violas The orchestra had a beautiful performance and the sound of the violas was particularly enchanting.
  • violet The violet flowers gave off a sweet and pleasant fragrance.
  • violin
  • viols The orchestra consisted of violins, violas, and viols.

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