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How to spell VOATED correctly?

If someone misspells "voted" as "voated", some possible correct suggestions include "voted", "floats", "coated", "goatee", and "noted". It's important to double-check spelling, as even a small typo can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell voated correctly

  • bated I waited with bated breath for the winner of the competition to be announced.
  • Boated She boated along the river for hours, enjoying the peaceful scenery.
  • booted
  • coated
  • dated Her fashion choices were so dated, she looked like she stepped out of a time capsule from the 80s.
  • Doted She doted on her grandchildren and spent every moment she could with them.
  • dotted The street was dotted with colorful flowers.
  • fated Many believe that we are fated to meet certain people in our lives.
  • footed I footed the bill for dinner last night.
  • Gated The community was gated to provide an added layer of security for its residents.
  • goaded The coach constantly goaded the players to work harder during practice.
  • hated She hated the taste of coffee.
  • heated The argument between the two coworkers became so heated that management had to intervene.
  • Hooted As the owl flew overhead, it hooted loudly.
  • Jotted I jotted down your name and number in my notebook.
  • loaded He loaded the trunk of his car with boxes of books.
  • looted During the protests, some people entered stores and looted merchandise.
  • mated
  • moated The castle was surrounded by a deep, moated trench, making it nearly impregnable.
  • Mooted The idea of implementing a four-day workweek was mooted by the employees but was dismissed by the management.
  • noted
  • outed The journalist was outed as a spy by his own government.
  • Ported Tom ported the disk to his new computer.
  • potted I have a few potted plants in my balcony.
  • Pouted I pouted when he didn't give me the gift I wanted.
  • Rated The movie was rated as one of the best of all time.
  • rooted The ancient tradition of yoga is rooted in the practices and philosophies of Hinduism.
  • rotted The decaying apple had rotted away in the fruit bowl.
  • routed The army had successfully routed the enemy forces from the city.
  • sated After dinner, I was sated and ready for bed.
  • seated She was comfortably seated on the plush couch.
  • sorted The sorted items were placed in a basket.
  • Tooted In the room, the tooted radiator was sweltering.
  • Toted He toted his shopping cart to the car.
  • Totted My mother always tells me to keep my "totted" appointments.
  • Touted He was touted as being the best basketball player in his school district, but he never panned out.
  • Vacated The family vacated their home days before Hurricane Irma hit.
  • Vatted He had a vatted coat.
  • vented She vented her frustration about the delayed flight to the customer service representative.
  • vested The vested interest of the lobbyists prevented change.
  • vetted All applications will be carefully vetted before any candidates are selected for the next round of interviews.
  • violated During the trial, the victim's violated rights were brought to light.
  • voiced He voiced his support for the new policy.
  • Voided The check was voided after the bank realized it had already been cashed.
  • Vomited I vomited after eating the spoiled sushi.
  • vote All Americans over 18 years old are able to vote.
  • Voted We voted on what movie to watch tonight.
  • voter
  • VOTES A total of 3,000 votes will be counted.
  • Vowed I vowed never to drink alcohol again and I haven't touched a drop for months.
  • wonted I was hoping to see you this evening, but I suspect you wonted to rest after your travel.

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