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How to spell WACKLY correctly?

If you've misspelled "wackly", fret not! The correct spelling for a similar word might be "wacky", indicating something eccentric or offbeat. Alternatively, you could be referring to "weekly", meaning something occurring once a week. Rely on context to determine the appropriate word.

List of suggestions on how to spell wackly correctly

  • cackle The old lady let out a loud cackle as she told the funny story to her friends.
  • darkly The sky was darkly overcast, and the storm clouds were gathering on the horizon.
  • hackle He couldn't resist the urge to hackle his opponent during the debate.
  • sickly The sickly plant needed more sunlight and water to thrive.
  • tackle I am going to tackle this task head-on and get it done before the deadline.
  • wacko He is a wacko, I can tell.
  • wacky The new employee had a wacky sense of humor that kept everyone laughing.
  • wally I'm going to need a wally to help me move the furniture.
  • wanly After eating the waffles, the pancakes were quite fluffy and wanly delicious.
  • warily She eyed him warily, not wanting to make any sudden moves.
  • warmly I was warmly greeted by my best friend when I arrived at her house.
  • weakly I feel weakly after working so hard all day.
  • weekly I meet with my therapist on a weekly basis.
  • WKLY The WKLY TV station is broadcasting live.

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