Correct spelling for WAGHT

We think the word waght is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for waght

  • aught Hath any man been here, And brought Him aught to eat, while we were gone?
  • baht THAI Airways has its origins in 1960 as a joint venture between Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), which held a 30 percent share of the new company valued at two million Thai baht, and Thailands domestic carrier, Thai Airways Company (Thai: เดินอากาศไทย).
  • naught Ah, still unpraised Honoria, Heaven, When you into my arms it gave, Left naught hereafter to be given But grace to feel the good I have.
  • taught After having taught philosophy with great distinction in Bordeaux, Poitiers and Paris, he asked as his only reward the gift of a poor cure in the country where he had been born and where he wished to die.
  • vat As soon as possible the husks were turned into the fermenting vat again, all pulled apart and broken, and the water added to them.
  • wad "Haud yer teeth gien ye wad keep the feow ye hae!
  • wade Wade promised, and they repeated their good-byes all round with a resolute cheerfulness.
  • wadi The Wadi Netheeleh comes up from the southwest to the shore at this northern end of the mountain, parallel to the Wadi Hhuggereh at the southern end.
  • waft No, I lament not, though these leaves may fall From the sered branches on the desert plain, Mock'd by the idle winds that waft; and all Life's blooms, its last, in vain!
  • wag In lazy mood or trenchant, at thy whim The world must wag.
  • wage Had England in 1866 declared war against Prussia, Germany would not to-day be so powerful as to be able to wage war upon us.
  • waist The skirt was almost torn from the waist, and Peggy felt like a beggar-maid as she crept home.
  • wait Are we to wait on them, papa?
  • want We want to come in, Girl!
  • ward We need scarcely marvel that Ward, old and enfeebled, with his hands tied by uncertain authority, could not meet them.
  • wart Mrs. Worm, who had been all this time engaged in closing her umbrella, corroborated this statement, and now, coming indoors, showed herself to be a wide-faced, comfortable-looking woman, with a wart upon her cheek, bearing a small tuft of hair in its centre.
  • warty 3, More advanced stage, the conjugating cells (a) are still distinct from one another; the warty thickenings of their walls have commenced to form.
  • wash Look, here is a little brook, shall I wash yours over a bit, like I used to mother's?"
  • watt In the next room she could hear Doctor Taylor moving about and now and then an indistinct word when he spoke with Watt Harbison.
  • waugh For information, address, R. N. HALL, M. D., President, J. J. M. ANGEAR, A. M., M. D., Treasurer, H. H. BROWN, M. D., Secretary, or W. F. WAUGH, A. M., M. D., Dean.
  • weight Mr. Gassett shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked at Mrs. Morton.
  • weighty The fourth gate was closed, and as he went towards it, it opened slowly, and the King of the Land of Mist stood there-as high, as stone-faced, and as scornful as before, and in his hand he had a weighty gray sword.
  • wet Jewel lifted her wet shoulders and returned his look.
  • whet I used often to wonder how poor Peterkin would have liked to be with us; and he sometimes expressed much regret at being unable to join us. I used to do my best to gratify him, poor fellow, by relating all the wonders that we saw; but this, instead of satisfying, seemed only to whet his curiosity the more, so one day we prevailed on him to try to go down with us. But although a brave boy in every other way, Peterkin was very nervous in the water; and it was with difficulty we got him to consent to be taken down, for he could never have managed to push himself down to the bottom without assistance.
  • whit I tell you, Whit, if I was you I'd make a fuss about this.
  • wight The Jutes settled in Kent and the Isle of Wight.
  • wit Never did the wit and eloquence of a woman cause a swifter change.
  • wort He had broken the bladder-wort at the root with his heavy wooden boots.
  • wright "Were he really to me what you suppose, I must be highly flattered; but I must again assure you it is not using Mr. Downe Wright well to talk of him as anything to me.
  • Caught Then of a sudden he caught himself up sharply.
  • Waged If they waged war against some provincial king, they became the allies of others.
  • Wast Wast not enough, but thou must lead Bound, too, the Princesse of the aire?
  • Wot Don't you know Mr. Bunnett wot is so fond of animals?
  • What What is it, Lydie?
  • Dwight The presence of Dwight Wade, his very silence, seemed tacit proclamation of victory and the boast of it.
  • Waite Gallagher and Jack Waite.
  • Witt A few months later De Witt was to discover that Orangist intrigues were being still clandestinely carried on.
  • Walt Somehow it made me think of Walt Whitman!
  • wights Upon her head she hath a gear Even such as wights of ruddy cheer Do use in stalking of the deer.
  • non-north Supporters of a non-North or Northeast African origin for Afroasiatic are particularly common among those with a background in Semitic or Egyptological studies, or amongst archaeological proponents of the "farming/language dispersal hypothesis" according to which major language groups dispersed with early farming technology in the Neolithic.
  • laser-assisted Also known as laser-assisted immunotherapy, apSTAR is an experimental cancer treatment for solid tumors that uses an autologous vaccine-like approach to stimulate immune responses.

16 words made from the letters waght

3 letter words made from waght:

hag, hat, gat, tag, taw, haw, wag.

4 letter words made from waght:

ghat, gath, wath, wagh, tagh, htaw, thaw, hawg, gwah.

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