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How to spell WAITLING correctly?

If you've mistakenly written "waitling" instead of the correct word, here are some alternatives that might fit your intended meaning. "Waiting" is the accurate term when referring to the act of staying in one place for a specific purpose. Alternatively, you could consider using "watching" or "wailing" depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell waitling correctly

  • tailing I was tailing a suspect until I lost them in the crowd.
  • Waddling I am waddling my way to the office.
  • wailing The baby was wailing and the mother couldn't take it anymore.
  • waistline She had a pencil tucked behind her ear and a tight waistline.
  • waiting We are all waiting for her to come back.
  • Waling
  • Walling He was busy walling the new house with his mates.
  • Wattling Iterator David Wattling challenged Mortimer to a bout of wattling.
  • Whiling I was whiling away the hours playing video games until it was time for dinner.
  • whistling He was whistling a tune as he walked down the street.
  • whiting I caught a nice sized whiting today.
  • Whittling Grandpa spent his afternoons whittling wooden figurines for his collection.
  • wiling She was wiling to try new things and explore different opportunities.
  • willing
  • witting I was unaware of my witting involvement in the plan until it was too late.

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