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How to spell WAITTING correctly?

When it comes to the misspelling "waitting", there are a few possible correct suggestions. Firstly, it should be corrected to "waiting", which is the correct spelling. Double-checking the spelling before writing is always recommended to avoid such errors. Proofreading tools can also be used to catch and rectify these mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell waitting correctly

  • Awaiting I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my best friend at the airport.
  • baiting
  • batting His batting average improved significantly after changing his stance at the plate.
  • Catting
  • fitting The fitting of these shoes is comfortable and perfect for my feet.
  • Hatting I was looking for my hatting but I couldn't find it.
  • hitting
  • matting The cat's hair requires regular brushing to prevent matting.
  • Patting I was patting him on the back when he coughed.
  • pitting The constant exposure to acid resulted in severe pitting on the metal surface.
  • ratting My cat loves ratting and it's an effective way of keeping the house free of rodents.
  • sitting I am sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • swatting Police responded to a swatting call and found a suspicious package outside of a person's home.
  • tatting She was using her grandmother's old tatting wheel to create a beautiful roses wallpaper.
  • Twitting I saw my neighbor Twitting about her new cat.
  • Vatting In most wine producing countries, vatting is the process of blending two or more wine varieties to create a new wine.
  • Wafting The aroma of freshly baked bread is wafting through the air.
  • wailing The wailing of the funeral procession echoed throughout the quiet town.
  • waiting
  • Waiving The company is waiving the contract termination fee for customers who have been with them for more than two years.
  • wanting She was always wanting more than she had.
  • wasting I feel like I'm wasting my time at this job.
  • Wattling The farmer spent the day weaving a new wattling fence for his sheep pen.
  • wetting I like the sound of rain wetting the pavement.
  • Whetting She was wielding a knife, whetting it on a stone.
  • whiting The whiting was so fresh, I could have eaten it raw.
  • Whittling He spent his evenings whittling away at a piece of wood to create a new sculpture.
  • wilting
  • Withing
  • witting
  • writing

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