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How to spell WATHS correctly?

If you mistakenly type "waths" instead of "wants" while texting or writing, autocorrect might not always catch it. To avoid confusion, consider these potential corrections: "wants", "wraths" or "washes". Double-checking your text before sending or proofreading your document can help eliminate these misspelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell waths correctly

  • bathes My dog bathes himself in the sun whenever he wants to warm up.
  • bathos I found the bathos of the situation quite humorous.
  • Baths I like to take long baths with bubbles and relaxing music.
  • deaths Since 1901, there have been over 2500 recorded deaths from the flu.
  • earths The study of Earths is a fascinating field that combines geology, meteorology, and geography.
  • faiths
  • heaths
  • lathes The lathes were busy turning the metal into the desired shape.
  • Laths Laths are used by timber workers to secure timber in place.
  • Mathis Mathis visited his grandparents every weekend.
  • maths I struggle with maths, but I am trying to improve.
  • Oaths I take solemn oaths to uphold the Constitution and to protect America from all enemies.
  • pathos The pathos in her voice during the eulogy was palpable, moving everyone in the audience to tears.
  • Paths The forest was crisscrossed by paths that led to different parts of the woods.
  • swathes Large swathes of fabric were bunched up and thrown across the room.
  • swaths The farmer mowed swaths of grass in the field.
  • VATS It is important to wear a seat belt while driving, because the vehicle's automated traffic system, or VATS, can be
  • wads He stuffed wads of cash into his pockets before running out the door.
  • wags He always looks so happy when he wags his tail.
  • Waits
  • Wars The wars in Syria and Iraq have left millions dead.
  • Warts I have warts on my fingers because I like to bite my nails.
  • Was I was expecting Harry.
  • washes She always washes her car on the weekends.
  • Watches He watches the sunset from his balcony every evening.
  • waters I like to swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean in the summer.
  • wats
  • watts
  • Watusi I want to ride a watusi
  • ways She ways about in her white dress.
  • wets The rain wets the ground.
  • what's What's new in town?
  • widths Please give me the widths for the curtains.
  • With I took my drink with me.
  • withe
  • withes The withes were brittle and broke when I tried to break them.
  • wits I have the wits about me to find my way out.
  • wraiths After the burial, the group heard what they believed to be the sounds of the wraiths haunting the cemetery.
  • Wreaths We decorated the house with fresh wreaths.

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