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How to spell WATING correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "wating", several possible correct suggestions come to mind. The correct spelling of this word should be "waiting". Double-checking spellings and using autocorrect can help prevent such errors. Additionally, relying on grammar and spell-check tools will ensure accurate written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell wating correctly

  • Awaiting
  • Bating
  • dating
  • eating Eating breakfast is an important part of starting the day off right.
  • gating The gating system was responsible for regulating the flow of material into the mold during the casting process.
  • Hating Hating someone for their differences will only lead to further division and animosity.
  • mating The mating ritual of the peacock involves showing off its colorful feathers to attract a mate.
  • rating
  • Sating
  • swatting Swatting is a dangerous prank that involves making a false emergency call to law enforcement, often resulting in a SWAT team responding to an innocent person's home.
  • sweating
  • ting I can feel a slight ting in my fingertips after playing the guitar for hours.
  • Vatting Vatting is the process of blending different batches of whiskey.
  • voting Many people in the United States exercise their right to voting, especially during presidential elections.
  • wadding She pulled the wadding out of the shotgun shell before loading it.
  • wading I saw the child wading through the shallow stream with a smile on his face.
  • Wafting
  • Waging The company is waging a legal battle against its former employee.
  • wain The wain was packed with freshly harvested crops.
  • waiting
  • waking I had a hard time waking up this morning because I stayed up too late last night.
  • Waling I was walking down the street when I saw a guy waling down the sidewalk.
  • waning The waning moon was a beautiful sight to see.
  • wanting I have been wanting to try that restaurant for weeks.
  • Warding The witch was warding off evil spirits with her magical charms.
  • Waring She tried the Waring blender before executing the plan.
  • wasting I must stop wasting my time on social media and start focusing on my studies.
  • watching I am watching the sunset from my balcony.
  • watering
  • Wattling Every afternoon, my neighbor and I wattling.
  • waving The children were waving their hands in excitement as the parade passed by.
  • Welting I am wearing a welting belt to avoid any injuries.
  • wetting
  • whiting I am planning to cook a delicious dish of whiting for dinner tonight.
  • wilting
  • wing I have a new toy which is a wing.
  • witting

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