Correct spelling for WHANT

We think the word whant is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for whant

  • ant Now, without any hull around him and nothing but a curved shield in front of him, he felt like an ant on a flying leaf.
  • cant "Clear your mind of cant" is perhaps the central text of Johnson, on which he enlarged a hundred times.
  • chant The funeral chant of our loves, that my lover Rodolphe has lately composed.
  • hand On the other hand-" "Well?"
  • haunt That wail would haunt me for days if I didn't.
  • hint Thank ye, doctor, you're a good sort, and as quick at a hint as any man I've met.
  • hunt What chance have you had to hunt up a place?
  • kant At the age of seven little Emma was sent by her parents to her grandmother at Konigsberg, the city of Emanuel Kant, in Eastern Prussia.
  • pant J jadear to pant.
  • rant He did not rant.
  • shanty When evening approached we all assembled in a huge shanty, which had been built under the shelter of the thick bush.
  • vaunt God willing, or unwilling-such his vaunt- I will lay waste this city; Pallas' self, Zeus' warrior maid, although she swoop to earth And plant her in my path, shall stay me not.
  • vent He resumed his lumberings and, the door being opened, gave vent to his relief at being home again in the dry, in a voice that made the windows rattle.
  • waft They fight till set of sun, and then slacken their armour to waft a ballad to their beloved by moonlight, covered with stains of battle as they are, and weary!
  • wait "All right, I'll wait," promised Jack.
  • wan And she, too, forced a smile, so wan and bleak that it came close to putting a dash of tears into King's eyes.
  • wand The idea seemed to strike Wand.
  • wane On the evening before the function Meynell went into the Cathedral with Mary just as the lengthening March afternoon was beginning to wane.
  • want "We sure are and we want to get back.
  • wart The nurse who was a smiling woman, with a wart on her nose, began to frown a little, and grandma Read, patting Prudy's head, whispered to her that if she did not stop crying she must leave the room, as the noise she made disturbed her mother.
  • watt I want you and Watt to come with me.
  • wean It was hard enough for Annie to bring the wean into the world; it seemed that keeping him and herself there was going to be too much for her, with things going as they were.
  • weaned Chillingworth met him somewhere above the second cataract last long, and he told me that he just prattled to the Arabs as if he had been born and nursed and weaned among them.
  • wend In front was the support line, known as Pall Mall, and in front of that, again, the firing line, whither later the Sapper proposed to wend his way.
  • whatnot Again I hear her speak and back, Where steals the showery sunlight, piles A whatnot dainty bric-a-brac Beside a tall clock; each glazed tile's Blue-patterned profile smiles.
  • wheat On nearer hilltops the wheat shimmered in the light, and all around grew green forests which gave them the appearance of a lake of gold in a setting of emerald.
  • when Do you remember when and where we met again?
  • whet Then they all began to whet the knives on the forks, shrieking at the top of their lungs, "We want dragon meat!"
  • whine Waving a deprecating paw, Josephus gave vent to a pitiful whine.
  • whiny Whiny cats painfully shriek bright songs.
  • whit They walked about the garden paths with thoughts of their own concerns entirely uppermost, bringing their actions at every moment in jarring collision with the dim ghosts behind them, talking as though the time when Tess lived there were not one whit intenser in story than now.
  • wind "It comes from the cold wind," replied Miriam, with an odd, breathless laugh.
  • wont He was wont, quoth he, to take good care not to risk his skin for other folks, but in this matter it seemed to him not too dear a bargain.
  • Can't I guess you can trust him, can't you?"
  • Went Alix alone laughed at them as they went.
  • Shan't I shan't forget you on the 22nd.
  • Waned He struck across the plain, and tramped on, hour after hour, mile after mile, till the bright moon went down with a bright star in attendance and the other bright stars waned, and he entered the timber and tramped through it to the "cleared road", which stretched far and wide for twenty miles before him, with ghostly little dust-clouds at short intervals ahead, where the frightened rabbits crossed it.
  • Wang Wang Li sprang to the table, pressed a button.
  • Wast O thou didst not only bleed at nose and mouth with the pressure that lay upon thee, but thou wast so pressed, so loaden, that the pure blood gushed through the flesh and skin, and so ran trickling down to the ground.
  • What So, what to do?
  • Whined He was going to spring down hill when a little shadow with a bushy tail crossed the threshold and whined: "Good luck go with you, O Chief of the Wolves.
  • Won't Come up, won't you?"
  • Wanda Wanda had again the uneasy idea that her mother was wondering about the trunk which she had just locked, and again a quick fear leaped up within her that she might guess the secret it concealed.
  • Walt Walt longed to relieve him at his work, and called up a request to this end; but Hamersley returned a refusal, speaking in a cautious tone, lest his voice might be borne out to the ear of some savage still lingering near.
  • wants He wants to be first always."
  • wasn't "I wish I wasn't!

20 words made from the letters whant

3 letter words made from whant:

awn, ant, wan, taw, nth, haw, tan, hat, han.

4 letter words made from whant:

htaw, hwan, nhat, tahn, thaw, hawn, want, tawn, nwah, wath, wahn.

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