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How to spell WIALK correctly?

If you find yourself typing "wialk" instead of "walk", here are some helpful suggestions to correct the misspelling. Pay attention to the positioning of the letters and consider typing "walk" instead. To avoid this issue in the future, proofread your text carefully or use spell-check tools.

List of suggestions on how to spell wialk correctly

  • balk
  • bilk The fraudulent businessman tried to bilk his investors out of millions of dollars.
  • calk I need to calk the gaps in the window frames to prevent drafts.
  • chalk She drew a line on the calculator with chalk.
  • ilk He was a man of the same ilk as his father, conservative and set in his ways.
  • milk
  • salk In 1894, Dr. Salk developed the first successful polio vaccine from smallpox material.
  • silk She loved the feel of the soft silk scarf against her skin.
  • talk In order to talk to someone, one must raise their voice.
  • vial
  • vials I need to pick up some vials of medicine from the pharmacy.
  • Wald The forest is a nice place to go on a weekend to Wald.
  • wale The wale of the knit sweater added an interesting texture to the fabric.
  • walk I often take a walk in the park to clear my mind.
  • walks
  • wall Old Shelly had a one-of-a-kind wall full of interesting paintings.
  • Walt
  • weak My knees are weak from old age.
  • weal The weal on his arm was a painful reminder of the injury he sustained during the game.
  • weals The weals on her skin indicated an allergic reaction to the new detergent she was using.
  • whack The karate instructor gave the punching bag a whack with his fist.
  • whale
  • whelk She found a whelk on the beach and decided to keep it as a souvenir.
  • wick He lit the wick and watched as the candle slowly burned.
  • wield She was able to wield the sword with great skill and precision.
  • wild I love wandering through the forest wild.
  • wile The cunning fox used his wile to outsmart the farmer and steal the chickens.
  • will
  • Willa Willa Cather was a celebrated American author.
  • Wills My uncle left all of his property and belongings to his children in his wills.
  • Willy Willy didn't think the party was very interesting.
  • wilt
  • wily
  • wink I wink at her whenever I catch her eye.

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