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How to spell WIATING correctly?

The correct spelling for "wiating" is "waiting". Here are some helpful suggestions for avoiding misspellings in the future: double-check the spelling of words before hitting send, use autocorrect or spell check tools or practice spelling commonly misspelled words.

List of suggestions on how to spell wiating correctly

  • sweating
  • Twitting The politician was criticized for twitting about his opponents on social media instead of addressing the issues.
  • wading I was wading through the deep water when I saw the alligator.
  • Wafting The breeze was wafting through the open window, bringing in the fresh air.
  • waiting I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home.
  • wanting She had a constant feeling of wanting something more out of life.
  • wasting You are wasting your time trying to convince me to change my mind.
  • wetting They were wetting the plant in the garden.
  • whiting I caught a whiting while fishing at the pier yesterday.
  • wilting I'm feeling a little wilting under the heat.
  • Withing
  • witting
  • writing

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