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How to spell WIDED correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "wided", worry not - here are a few correct alternatives that might fit your intended meaning. Consider using "wide", "widened" or "widen", depending on the context. These words accurately convey the sense of breadth or expansion, making your communication crystal clear.

List of suggestions on how to spell wided correctly

  • aided The use of a calculator aided in solving the complex equations.
  • Died
  • Hided I hided the present behind the couch so my sister couldn't find it.
  • Sided He sided with his friend during the argument.
  • tide The tide was so low that we were able to walk out several meters from the shore line.
  • Tided
  • tied
  • Vied
  • Voided The warranty is voided if you crack the screen.
  • wadded
  • wade
  • Waded I waded through the lake to reach the other side.
  • Waited I waited in line for hours to buy tickets to the concert.
  • Warded I warded off the attacker with my Spellbook.
  • wed The couple will wed at sunset on the beach.
  • wedded They were wedded in a ceremony that was both simple and touching.
  • weed
  • weeded I weeded the garden to remove all the unwanted plants.
  • Welded He welded the pipe to the frame.
  • Wended The Wended Way is a footpath that follows the ancient route of the pilgrim crossing of the Alps.
  • Whited
  • wide
  • widen I need to widen this road to accommodate more traffic.
  • Widened My eyes widened in surprise.
  • wider The room was wider than I thought.
  • widest Stretching out her arms wide, she felt the widest part of the canyon.
  • widowed She was widowed after her husband died in a car accident.
  • wield The knight can wield his sword with great skill and precision.
  • Wielded The knight wielded his sword with great skill and precision, defending his kingdom from enemy invaders.
  • wilde Oscar Wilde is considered one of the greatest writers in English literature.
  • wilted The flowers in the vase looked wilted and dead.
  • winded After running for an hour, I felt so winded that I had to stop and catch my breath.
  • wined She wined and dined her clients to build stronger business relationships.
  • Wiped I wiped the counter clean with a towel.
  • wired I feel wired after drinking coffee this morning.
  • wised As I grew older, I wised up and stopped spending all my money on frivolous things.
  • Witted
  • Wived He had wived three times, each marriage ending in heartbreak.
  • wooded The house is situated in a secluded and wooded area, providing plenty of privacy and peacefulness.
  • Worded She worded her explanation carefully to ensure it was easily understandable.

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