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How to spell WINDIING correctly?

If you're facing the common misspelling "windiing", fret not! The correct spelling is "winding", meaning a twisting or curving path or the act of turning in different directions. Be sure to double-check your spelling, use autocorrect or consult a dictionary for accurate references to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell windiing correctly

  • binding The binding on the book was coming loose.
  • finding
  • Minding
  • Wending After wending through the labyrinth of alleys, we finally arrived at the bustling marketplace.
  • Wincing I couldn't help wincing when the dentist drilled deeper into my cavity.
  • winding The winding road led us through the mountains to our destination.
  • Windowing Windowing is a common technique used in digital signal processing.
  • wingding I had to attend a wingding at work last night to celebrate our company's anniversary.
  • Winging The bird was winging its way over the ocean.
  • wining
  • winking She greeted me, winking one eye as if to let me in on a secret.
  • winning

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