Correct spelling for YELOMOD

We think the word yelomod is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for yelomod

  • blamed He has powerful enemies here; scarce a noble family but has lost a connection during the troubles in Britain, and Suetonius is of course blamed for it.
  • filmed You know I told you of those wonderful open-air performances of Greek plays that have been going on at a spot not far from Ravenwood, the motion picture studio where Everett and Anne filmed Hamlet and Macbeth.
  • helmet What is this helmet?
  • pelmet
  • plumed "The young horseman, who understands how to wheel his steed, swung himself from the saddle close beside his Majesty, bent the knee with noble grace, raised his little plumed hat, and, pressing his left hand upon his heart, presented the little gift to his sovereign and master.
  • talmud At the age of sixteen he became a teacher of the Talmud and of the German language.
  • yelled "I tell you I am not Lord Quorn, and never was," yelled the wretched Peckover, now simply beside himself.
  • yellowed For a week he hung to the smell of brine, in rapturous amity with Feltre, until they yellowed, differed, wrangled, hated.
  • Bloomed Like some rich flowers that bloom at distant periods only for a short time-so bloomed this distinguished patriot-then disappeared for ever from the human gaze.
  • Calmed The Commandant calmed himself with an effort.
  • Flamed They started forth in the early morning while the dew still flamed on the clover-leaves, and around each corn-hill the ground was still moist.
  • Gleamed Her cold eyes gleamed and her face worked with spite as she tried in vain to catch his eye.
  • Lamed One of the children, a girl, was a cripple, lamed by her mother in a fit of rage.
  • Limed The Tachytes, who stubbornly persists in tugging at her limed Mantis and refuses to acknowledge any other method of wresting her from the Silene's snare, shows us the Wasp in an unflattering light.
  • Loomed Without warning, the mine entrance loomed before them.
  • Palmed Had they, as some bold philosophers had said, invented gods in their own likeness, and palmed off on the awe and admiration of men their own fair phantoms?....
  • Whelmed
  • Yelped
  • Yielded
  • yolked

108 words made from the letters yelomod

4 letter words made from yelomod:

meld, modo, yeld, doom, myoo, odeo, lody, meyo, oldy, oleo, myod, lode, yomo, yodo, olde, looy, odel, mood, medl, dyle, domy, loye, lyde, yemo, yolo, yeom, mold, yole, doel, moye, mool, yeol, looe, dole, mode, omeo, moyl, odle, demo, odol, yoed, mole, deol, oley, dome, yood, oedo, loom, delo, dymo, ylem, lyme, yelm, moel, moed, yedo, mooy, elom, yool, emly, deyo, dolo, odom, yome, lome, odey.

3 letter words made from yelomod:

lem, lye, dle, oed, dol, old, eld, moo, edo, omo, olm, mod, loo, mol, doe, myo, ode, ley, led, elm, med, leo, dye.

5 letter words made from yelomod:

doley, doomy, looey, oodle, moley, doyel, myelo, model, mooly, molde, moldy, omole, moody, yodel, ooley, meloy, medol, mooey, lomed.

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