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How to spell ZIPED correctly?

The correct spelling of "ziped" is "zipped". This common misspelling can be corrected by simply adding an extra "p". Another possible suggestion would be to use a spell-checker or to double-check the spelling before submitting a written document.

List of suggestions on how to spell ziped correctly

  • Aped He aped his friend's mannerisms and way of speaking.
  • biped The human being is a biped species, meaning that they walk on two legs.
  • dipped I dipped my paintbrush into the can of blue paint to start the project.
  • hipped I have a hipped again.
  • IPAD I use my iPad to read books and watch TV shows.
  • IPOD I love listening to music on my iPod while I work out.
  • lipped She lipped her apology silently, afraid to speak out loud.
  • Lisped As a child, she lisped when she spoke causing others to have difficulty understanding her.
  • Nipped The cold air nipped at my nose as I walked outside.
  • OPED My editor said that the oped should be boldly written.
  • pied
  • Piped The smell of fresh bread piped from the bakery and made my mouth water.
  • Pipped I'm feeling a bit pipped at the moment.
  • ripped
  • Sipped
  • Sniped The soldier sniped the enemy from his hidden position.
  • Sped
  • Swiped I swiped left on his profile and responded with a message that said, "You're good enough for just someone I want
  • tipped I accidentally tipped over my glass of water.
  • Wiped I wiped the spilled milk from the kitchen floor with a paper towel.
  • yipped The small dog yipped excitedly when its owner returned home.
  • zapped
  • zed In British English, the last letter of the alphabet is pronounced as "zed" instead of "zee.
  • zinged She zinged a one-liner that had everyone in the room laughing.
  • zip I'm sorry, I don't know how to zip up my jacket.
  • zipped I zipped up my jacket before going outside in the cold.
  • zipper I need a zipper for this dress.
  • zippy The zippy dog raced down the street.
  • zips She zips up her coat before heading outside into the cold.

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