How to Pronounce Sea hen?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Sea hen" is [sˈiː hˈɛn], [sˈiː hˈɛn], [s_ˈiː h_ˈɛ_n].

What are the misspellings for Sea hen?

  • sea hnen,
  • sea hesn,
  • Sea hef,
  • Sua hen,
  • sesa hen,
  • sxea hen,
  • se ahen,
  • wea hen,
  • s3a hen,
  • sea hhen,
  • sea heen,
  • s ea hen,
  • sea hjen,
  • sea h en,
  • sea henj,
  • sea hem,
  • swea hen,
  • sea hgen,
  • ssa hen,
  • sea hemn,
  • sea hsen,
  • sa hen,
  • sea hwn,
  • sea uen,
  • seehen,
  • sea ghen,
  • sea yhen,
  • sea jhen,
  • sea henh,
  • Sea han,
  • seza hen,
  • sea he3n,
  • sea yen,
  • Sea xen,
  • sea h4en,
  • swa hen,
  • seaw hen,
  • Sea hgn.

"Sea hen" in context

Sea hens, also known as Sanderlings, are small migratory shorebirds found near the coastlines of many different countries. They have a light brownish-gray or reddish-brown colored plumage, a small black bill and yellowish legs.

Sea hens are known for their unique behaviors such as "praying", in which they lower their heads and sway from side to side. They are also known for their fast, dynamic movements, often running along the shoreline to feed.

Usage over time for Sea hen:

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