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Correct spelling: Jovan

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Jovan \j(o)-van\

Jovan as a boy's name is pronounced jo-VAHN. It is of Latin origin. Variant of Jove, from Jupiter (Latin) "the supreme God". Mythology: Jupiter was the supreme deity of Roman mythology, corresponding to the Greek Zeus. Some 20 saints have used the Latin form of the name, Jovanus. The Jovani variants may also be phonetic forms of Giovanni.
Related names:
javan, Jivan, John, Jevan.
Jeovanni, Jovanny, Jovann, Jovani, Jeovani, Jovanni, Jovi, jove, Jovon, Jovin, Jovany, Jeovany, Jovito.

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Examples of usage for Jovan:

  1. But it was Steena who told Bub Nelson about the Jovan moon- rites- and her warning saved Bub's life six months later. – All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton
  2. About a year after the Jovan affair he walked into the Free Fall one night and dumped Bat down on her table. – All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton

Rhymes for Jovan:

  1. coven, hoven, woven, cloven;
  2. handwoven;
  3. interwoven;