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Polish Spell Checker

An online Polish spellchecker is desperately needed in our technology-driven society. Information is being produced at record levels. According to Eric Schmidt of Google, from the beginning of time up to 2003, around 5 Exabytes of data had been produced by man. Now the same amount is created in a few days. A Polish spell check program is needed to check the avalanche of tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates and topical articles.

How does work?

An online Polish spellchecker is very much like the offline word processor-based version. First, the text that is to be checked is copied into a data entry box at the website. Next, the user clicks the "Spell Check" button. In a flash, speedy artificial intelligence goes to work and checks every line of text. After the algorithm does its work, misspelled words are highlighted and the user is presented with several optional spellings in a simple pull-down menu.

In addition to a Polish spell check service, offers a grammar checker and full thesaurus. In short, everything a user needs to check spelling and grammar is available.

What are the benefits?

An online spell check service offers users many benefits:

-- Disabilities - A Polish spellcheck program helps people with learning disabilities. Sometimes they cannot detect their errors. The program catches anything they miss.

--On the job - Poor spelling at work can sink a career. No matter how well-spoken an executive is, if their written communication is not up to par, they will not get promoted.

--Proofreaders - Professional proofreaders are very expensive. Many people cannot afford their fees. A good Polish spelling checker performs the same function a lot faster.

--Good spellers - How can a spell checker help people that are already good at spelling? It is true that some writers are naturally good at spelling. However, the Polish language has thousands of words. It is difficult for anyone to remember the correct spelling of that many words. An online Polish spelling checker helps make good spellers even better.

The information explosion is not slowing down. In fact, experts expect it to accelerate. is the ideal solution to make sure all that data is spelled correctly.