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For any type of writing, it is imperative to use a spell checker alongside manual revision. It is incredibly embarrassing to have a common spelling mistake in any document. To prevent this, any writer should use spell checking software. The Portuguese spell check is great to use for anyone who does not have a Portuguese spell checker on their computer or for someone who is not a native Portuguese speaker and needs help with the spelling of their Portuguese words. It can also help those who do not have an electronic copy of the document that needs checked. is a service available in multiple languages to check the spelling of specific words in that language. The way works is simple. The selection can be copied and pasted into a box on the website and then the Portuguese spellchecker will tell which words need to be corrected. From there, the writer can change the misspelled words on their original Portuguese document.

Do not let spelling mistakes litter important documents. Always be sure to use some type of spell checking software before finishing a document. is a free service that is available in multiple languages. This makes the perfect place to help any writer.