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How do you spell a word? How to spell a word? How do you spell the word? Those are common questions.

Nothing undermines a piece of writing more than spelling errors - they make a piece difficult to read and can cause readers to doubt the writer's authority. A dictionary is useful for big or archaic words but does not address the mistakes the author is unaware of or the tiny errors that even a veteran might miss after multiple proof readings. Humans are fallible, and the most accomplished editor will miss an error from time to time.

For documents from student term papers to employment resumés, proper spelling is essential; teachers can be unforgiving with their red pens, and a poorly written resumé will never impress a hiring agent. The simplest remedy is spell check. With a few clicks, spell checker will comb through a piece, finding even the mistakes that a seasoned writer can overlook. From student to professional writer, a good spell check tool is crucial.

To use the free Spellchecker, copy and paste a piece of text into the main box and click the 'spell check' button in the lower left corner. A pop-up will appear, showing the original text, with any spelling errors highlighted in red. Toward the bottom of the pop-up, suggestions are made on a pull-down menu, with the most likely choice already shaded. Select the preferred spelling, then click 'change' or 'change all'.

A highlighted word can be ignored in this instance or throughout the document using the 'ignore' and 'ignore all' buttons. The spelling check can also be customized using the 'options' button, directing it to ignore words in all capitals, words composed of numbers, words in mixed case, and domain names. When the check is complete, clicking the 'finish checking' button will close the pop-up and return the user to the main box, which is ready to input another piece of text. has partnered with TextTrust to offer a website spell check feature. You can now spell check your website for free with the TextTrust website spell checker. Enter your website address into the form and press spell check to start the process.