How To Spell ad?

Correct spelling: ad

What are the misspellings for ad?

What is the definition of ad?

  1. Lat. At; by ; for; near; on account of; to ; until; upon.

What does the abbreviation ad mean?

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What are the translations for ad?

Czech words for Ad

našeho letopočtu, inzerát, reklama.

Danish word for Ad

efter Kristi fødsel.

Dutch words for Ad

na Christus, advertentie.

French words for Ad

publicitaire, spot publicitaire.

German words for Ad

Anzeige, Werbung, Reklame, Werbesendung, Spot, Werbespot, Werbeanzeige, Annonce, Stellenanzeige, Inserat, Zeitungsanzeige, Propaganda, Pub, nach Christus.

Hungarian words for Ad

apróhirdetés, hirdetés.

Italian words for Ad

inserzione pubblicitaria, inserzione, annuncio, pubblicità.

Portuguese words for Ad

anúncio, publicidade.

Spanish words for Ad

comercial, publicidad.

Turkish word for Ad

Milattan sonra.