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Spell Check of adorns

Correct spelling: adorns


Common misspellings for adorns:

adorne, adournes.

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Examples of usage for adorns:

  1. Those who pass through the furnace, and suffer with Christ, are prepared to wear the white robe, which adorns the bride, the Lamb's wife. "Letters of Madam Guyon" , P. L. Upham.
  2. Its foundress's sweet, pale, suffering face, clad in the close coif of the time of the wars of the Roses, still smiles over the fellow's table in hall, and adorns the walls of combination- room. "Christian's Mistake" , Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.

Quotes for adorns:

  1. Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends. - Bishop Robert South

Rhymes for adorns:

  1. corns, horns, mourns, scorns, thorns, warns.
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