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How To Spell Alan?

Correct spelling: Alan

List of misspellings for Alan:

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What does the abbreviation Alan mean?


Alan as a boy's name is pronounced AL-an. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Alan is "precious". From Adal. Also possibly derived from the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock". Introduced into England by Breton followers of William the Conqueror, such as Alan, Earl of Brittany, who was rewarded for his services with vast estates in the newly conquered kingdom. Popular in the Middle Ages, with a boom around the 1950s influenced by the popularity of actor Alan Ladd. In Russia, the name is linked to the ancient warrior tribe Alans that is the origin of the Ossetians. Alun is a Welsh form; Alain (al-LAYN) is French; Alano is Spanish. South African author Alan Paton; lyricist Alan Jay Lerner; playwright Alan Bennett; astronaut Alan Shepard; actors Alan Alda, Alan Cumming; poet Allen Ginsberg; basketball player Allen Iverson.

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Quotes for Alan:

  1. I write about it in the book and, you know, explain that. But that was the technicality that actually got my sentence reduced- that Alan Dershowitz used to have my sentence- it came down eventually to eight years.
  2. I did a Broadway show with Alan Alda and how much money can Alan Alda have.
  3. I remember having an argument with Alan, I said the Queen's not just going to call the guy up and send him out to do it. And Alan says, well, how would a monarch give orders to her assassin.
  4. Remember, Alan Greenspan was a member of Ayn Rand's collective. To understand this is to understand why we are doomed with the Federal Reserve.
  5. I'd rather be David Ladd's father than Alan Ladd any day.

Rhymes for Alan:

  1. mpg;
  2. talon, allan, dalen, callan, ballon, fallon, gallon, tallon, allen, callen, mallon;
  3. befallen;

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