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What are the usage examples for archeological?

  1. But, as in history we have recognised the important fact that a record of battles and sieges and enactments in Parliament gives an imperfect conception of the life of a people, so I should feel that this archeological subject had been insufficiently treated if I made no attempt to shew how private scholars disposed their books, or with what appliances they used them. – The Care of Books by John Willis Clark
  2. And now, my dear friends, if you are curious to know what became of old Irmengarde, refer to the second volume of Bernard Hertzog's Archeological Annals, where under date July 16, 1836, you will find the following statement:- " The old teller of legends, Irmengarde, surnamed 'The Soul of the Ruins, ' died last night in the hut of the woodman Christian. – The Man-Wolf and Other Tales by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian
  3. The militia was considered an archeological absurdity. – Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson

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தொல்பொருள் துறையினரின்.

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Vietnamese word for Archeological

cổ tích học.