How To Spell Ary?

Correct spelling: Ary

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What are the usage examples for Ary?

  1. Susanna had often declared that Moses was " just like ary other man, scared to death if even his little toe ached," and it was true that he was so unused to illness that his few attacks of it had always frightened him. – The Brass Bound Box by Evelyn Raymond
  2. He had already learned that Punch knew a good cushion when he saw it; and, though early provided with one for himself, preferred the satin couch of Sir Philip to the carpet- covered one which Susanna declared " plenty good enough for ary dog humbly as that one." – The Brass Bound Box by Evelyn Raymond
  3. If 'twas ary one o' them we can soon settle their hash. – The Brass Bound Box by Evelyn Raymond