How To Spell Bain?

Correct spelling: Bain

What does the abbreviation Bain mean?


pale bridge
Bain as a boy's name is a variant of Bainbridge (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Bain is "pale bridge".

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What are the usage examples for Bain?

  1. The salle de bain is draped with white muslin trimmed with lace.... – Superwomen by Albert Payson Terhune
  2. Bain says " in everything characteristic of the creed of Christendom he was a thorough- going negationist. – A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
  3. Hotel de Bain mi lor'. – The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete by Charles James Lever (1806-1872)

What are the rhymes for Bain?

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  3. aquitaine, ascertain, entertain, inhumane;
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