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How To Spell Because?

Correct spelling: Because

Definition of Because:

  1. By or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that.

List of misspellings for Because:

  • becassue,
  • beacause,
  • becoue,
  • beacaue,
  • bccause,
  • becarra,
  • ecase,
  • wbecause,
  • becaiuse,
  • becausa,
  • becausey,
  • becousu,
  • becuacse,
  • buecase,
  • bedcause,
  • becausethe,
  • becausing,
  • becaum,
  • necassay,
  • becaurse,
  • beacsuse,
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  • becace,
  • becusse,
  • becos,
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  • bease,
  • becausre,
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  • becouze.

What does the abbreviation Because mean?

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Studio album by Amerie

Because I Love It is the third studio album by American singer Amerie, released on May 11, 2007 by Columbia Records. In the United States, the album was released exclusively through retailers such as Walmart and f.y.e., before its physical release was officially made available on September 30, 2008, by which point all future singles and promotion had been scrapped due to Amerie's departure from Columbia Records.

Because Mommy Works


1994 film

Because Mommy Works is a 1994 film directed by Robert Markowitz. It is about Abby who fights with Ted Forman for the custody of their son Willie Forman. The action takes place in California.

Because of Ghosts


Rock band

Because of Ghosts is a three-piece post-rock band based in Melbourne, Australia They are often compared to bands such as Dirty Three or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Because They Can


Album by Nelson

Because They Can is the second album from American rock group Nelson, released by Geffen Records in 1995. The album had a shaky production history as a result of creative differences between brothers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and the Geffen Records executives, the latter led by John Kalodner.

Bill Gaither


American singer-songwriter

William J. Gaither is an American singer and songwriter of Southern gospel and Contemporary Christian music. He has written numerous popular Christian songs with his wife Gloria; he is also known for performing as part of the Bill Gaither Trio and the Gaither Vocal Band.

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Quotes for Because:

  1. So I went to Miami in '74 with my family and while I was there it became obvious that we needed money and we needed to do something, because my family, we left without anything really, and we didn't have any money to begin with.
  2. I was trying to do Billie Holiday, because she was the voice to be heard at that time.
  3. Those songs are about getting out; they're not about getting out of family. It wasn't about how family life was curtailing because I didn't know family life.
  4. I need family support close because when you go to work, they are long days and it can get lonely.
  5. I didn't really work with Vin on it except we talked about it a little bit. I think it was kind of cool because we didn't think it was going to be that emotional. I don't think Vin knew I was going to be that emotional.

Rhymes for Because:

  1. fuzz, buzz, haws, sias, clause, gauze, pause, thaws, luz, claws, baus, gnaws, paws, naus, dawes, claus, draws, straws, withdraws, twas, flaws, does, gaus, daws, laws, faus, was, kaus, jaws, hawes, maus, saws;
  2. macaws, guffaws, abuzz, applause;

Translations for Because:

Arabic word for Because


Chinese words for Because

因, 乎.

Dutch word for Because


German words for Because

da, denn, dieweil, weil, zumal, alldieweil, sintemal, Bö.

Greek word for Because


Hindi word for Because


Japanese words for Because

からには, こととて, なぜなら, というのも, なぜならば, もって, 以て, 何故なら, 何故ならば, 以って, 何となれば, 何故かと言うと, なんとなれば, 以ちまして, と言うのも, もちまして, なぜかというと, ・・・だから.

Korean word for Because


Malay word for Because


Marathi word for Because


Norwegian word for Because


Polish word for Because


Portuguese words for Because

porquê, amarga.

Romanian word for Because


Spanish words for Because

porque, pues.

Swedish word for Because


Tamil word for Because


Turkish word for Because


Ukrainian word for Because

тому що.

Vietnamese word for Because