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Correct spelling: CADETS

Common misspellings for CADETS:

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Examples of usage for CADETS:

  1. Among the scheduled night training flights for new cadets the departure of one more surface jet would pass unobserved. – The Instant of Now by Irving E. Cox, Jr.

Rhymes for CADETS:

  1. gets, jets, pets, betts, wets, frets, nets, lets, debts, netz, bets, letts, sets, wetz, let's, mets, letz, getz, threats, sweats, vets;
  2. besets, vignettes, abets, quartets, rosettes, roulettes, upsets, regrets, brunettes, cassettes, octets, diskettes, begets, duets, corvettes, pipettes, forgets, resets;
  3. pirouettes, silhouettes, cabernets, suffragettes, cigarettes, coronets;