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How To Spell called?

Correct spelling: called

List of misspellings for called:

  • calimed,
  • nicollet,
  • caledar,
  • callout,
  • qualude,
  • calarado,
  • calulater,
  • dialled,
  • calked,
  • cllaed,
  • calller,
  • catle,
  • cacelled,
  • culed,
  • clmed,
  • quallifed,
  • calait,
  • callum,
  • calzada,
  • coalesed,
  • calue,
  • coulerd,
  • sealled,
  • yalled,
  • callege,
  • lkkilled,
  • cllent,
  • qallaty,
  • killled,
  • collet,
  • collede,
  • calledt,
  • takeled,
  • colleg,
  • ccaller,
  • decaled,
  • coloed,
  • culred,
  • callde,
  • calused,
  • calleed,
  • culde,
  • coulde,
  • coulld,
  • killlled,
  • callwe,
  • cuald,
  • tagled,
  • coalate,
  • gagliod,
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  • caceled,
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  • calleds,
  • crwled,
  • cuallity,
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  • callendar,
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  • callthe.

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Play by Tony Kushner

A Bright Room Called Day is a play by American playwright Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America.

A Man Called Dagger


1968 film

A Man Called Dagger is a low-budget spy film that was the first collaboration between director Richard Rush, cinematographer László Kovács and stuntman Gary Warner Kent.

A Man Called Gannon


1968 film

A Man Called Gannon is a 1968 American Technicolor Western film directed by James Goldstone starring Tony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin and Judi West.

Not Called Jinx


Rock band

Not Called Jinx is an alternative rock band from Berlin, Germany, formed in 2005. They decided to only write songs with English lyrics due to the sound of the phonetics in the German language.

The Return of a Man Called Horse


1976 film

The Return of a Man Called Horse is a 1976 American western film directed by Irvin Kershner involving a conflict over territory between Sioux Indians and white men.

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Quotes for called:

  1. I'd sooner be called a successful crook than a destitute monarch.
  2. If you don't say anything, you won't be called on to repeat it.
  3. Now we understand much more clearly. why people from all over the world want to come to New York and to America. It's called freedom.
  4. The movie is actually from a book by Stephen King called The Body. When they were gonna put it to a motion picture, they found the story was a bit too strong for the title The Body, based on a young kid's movie. It would be too heavy.
  5. There are angels that receive more interiorly the Divine that goes forth from the Lord, and others that receive it less interiorly; the former are called celestial angels, and the latter spiritual angels.

Translations for called:

Afrikaans word for Called


Arabic word for Called


Bengali word for Called


Chinese word for Called


Dutch words for Called

heter, genoemd, gebeld, opgeroepen, geroepen.

German words for Called

genannt, namens, tituliert, angerufen, kalt, gerufen, angeklingelt.

Greek word for Called

που ονομάζεται.

Hindi word for Called

कहा जाता है.

Italian word for Called


Japanese word for Called


Javanese word for Called


Korean word for Called


Malay word for Called


Marathi word for Called


Polish word for Called


Portuguese words for Called

ligado, chamado, considerada, chamados, chamadas, designadas, acionados, accionada, accionadas.

Romanian word for Called


Russian word for Called


Spanish words for Called

llamado, considerado, citado, llamada, designado, solicitado, denominado, convocado, convocadas, pedida.

Turkish word for Called


Ukrainian word for Called


Vietnamese word for Called

gọi là.