How To Spell Carmelo?

Correct spelling: Carmelo

 \c(a)-rme-lo, car-melo\

orchard;, garden
Carmelo as a boy's name is pronounced kar-MAY-loh. It is of Italian and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Carmelo is "orchard;, garden". Biblical place name: refers to Mount Carmel in Israel, which is referred to in ancient writings as a kind of paradise.
  • Karmeli,
  • Karmelli.
  • Karmel,
  • Carmel,
  • Carmeli,
  • Carmello,
  • Karmelo,
  • Karmello.

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What are the rhymes for Carmelo?

  1. fellow, mello, bellow, jello, mellow, melo, yellow, cello;
  2. marcello, morello, capello, martello, otello, marcelo, costello, othello, deangelo;
  3. monticello, pirandello, diangelo, fiorello, celo;