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How To Spell cigarette?

Correct spelling: cigarette

Definition of cigarette:

  1. A little cigar; a little fine tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.

List of misspellings for cigarette:

  • cigerrete,
  • cigretts,
  • ciggerette,
  • cigaretts,
  • cigareets,
  • cigarello,
  • ciggaretts,
  • ciggarretts,
  • cigerattes,
  • cigarettess,
  • ciggarettes,
  • cigaratte,
  • cigerretts,
  • ciggratte,
  • cigrette,
  • cigarrette,
  • sigarettes,
  • cigarrett,
  • ciagarette,
  • ciggeretes,
  • signarute,
  • ciggerrettes,
  • cigareete,
  • ciggaretes,
  • cigaretee,
  • segegrate,
  • cigrate,
  • cigeret,
  • ciggarretes,
  • cigerete,
  • ciggerattes,
  • cigarate,
  • cigireates,
  • cigrettes,
  • cigarret,
  • cigerrtes,
  • cegarette,
  • cirgarettes,
  • ciggarittes,
  • ciggeratte,
  • cigarrte,
  • ciggreate,
  • cigerett,
  • cigerettes,
  • sigarets,
  • ciorrect,
  • sigharettes,
  • cigarretes,
  • cigrattes,
  • cigertte,
  • cigarates,
  • cigorete,
  • cigeretts,
  • ciggerettes,
  • ciggert,
  • cigeretes,
  • ciggerett,
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  • cigerette,
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  • ciagerette,
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  • ciggarettee,
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  • ciggrette,
  • cigarrete,
  • cigatter,
  • cigareettes,
  • sigaret,
  • accuarete,
  • cigarett,
  • cigratte,
  • ciggerates,
  • ciggarettees,
  • cigrets,
  • ziggarats,
  • cigerrets.

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A Glass and a Cigarette is a 1955 Egyptian melodrama directed by Niazi Mostafa. It stars Samia Gamal and it is also the first film to feature Dalida in a supporting role.

Cigarette Rock


Summit in Montana

Cigarette Rock is a summit in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, in the United States. With an elevation of 8,235 feet, Cigarette Rock is the 799th highest summit in Montana.

Donald Aronow


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Donald Joel Aronow was an American designer, builder and racer of the famous Magnum Marine, Cary, Cigarette, Donzi, and Formula speedboats. He built speedboats for the Shah of Iran, Charles Keating, Robert Vesco, Malcolm Forbes, and George H. W. Bush. Retired President Lyndon Johnson owned several 16 ft. Donzi speedboats on his Texas ranch with which he would race his Secret Service agents.

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Father Cigarette is a 1955 Spanish-Portuguese comedy film directed by Juan de Orduña and starring Valeriano León, Virgilio Teixeira and Margarita Andrey.




Ronson Consumer Products Corporation was formerly based in Somerset, New Jersey, United States. It was a producer of lighters and lighter accessories.

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Rhymes for cigarette:

  1. sweat, colette, tibet, irvette, silhouette, rillette, wynette, flageolet, brevet, falconet, pret, clarette, paulette, suzette, get, jennette, tourette, lynette, quartet, pett, nicolet, minuet, barbette, vignette, gwinnett, vet, burdette, susette, villette, duet, collette, lisette, pet, brunet, met, cadet, lafayette, wilmette, babette, dorette, fret, net, sextet, yevette, threat, bonnette, set, boulet, chevrette, yet, regret, beset, odette, rosette, louisette, rochette, jolette, fett, minette, rhett, sobriquet, diskette, statuette, barnett, let, joette, tet, piet, unset, marquette, tete, bet, cosette, vedette, et, barrette, lurette, ret, jett, josette, payette, fayette, yvette, jeannette, forget, marette, hughette, beget, laurette, linette, kitchenette, tagamet, debt, bret, lavette, hugette, janette, corvette, pirouette, cornet, intermet, preset, brett, burnett, gazette, marlette, fette, manette, nett, nellette, coronet, pipette, brunette, henriette, reset, bett, willette, junette, jeanette, gillette, whet, roulette, nanette, jfet, mette, georgette, smet, mariette, lorette, doucet, jette, olivette, suffragette, fleurette, lucette, bernet, unmet, wet, violette, minaret, pierette, stet, gelette, cassette, offset, claudette, ninette, ellette, jet, octet, garnette, bassette, ornette, chet, viet, luncheonette, frett, upset, willamette, margette, nicolette, cossette, lett, idette, hett, sarette, juliette, quintet;
  2. annette, abet, arnette, arnett, arlette, anette, annett;
  3. baronet, clarinet, bernadette, antoinette, calumet, anisette;
  4. cabriolet;

Translations for cigarette:

Arabic word for Cigarette


Bengali word for Cigarette


Chinese words for Cigarette

烟, 烟卷, 纸烟, 烟卷儿.

Dutch word for Cigarette


French words for Cigarette

cigarette, sèche.

German word for Cigarette


Hindi word for Cigarette


Italian word for Cigarette


Japanese words for Cigarette

シガレット, 紙巻き, 巻煙草, 巻き煙草, かみまきタバコ, 巻タバコ, 紙巻き煙草, 紙巻煙草, 紙巻タバコ, まきたばこ, かみまきたばこ, 巻きタバコ, 紙巻, 紙巻きタバコ, まきタバコ, かみまき.

Korean word for Cigarette


Malay word for Cigarette


Norwegian word for Cigarette


Polish word for Cigarette


Romanian word for Cigarette


Spanish words for Cigarette

cigarro, cigarrillo.

Swedish word for Cigarette


Tamil word for Cigarette


Turkish word for Cigarette