How To Spell couldst?

Correct spelling: couldst

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This graph shows how "couldst" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for couldst?

  1. " If thou couldst but have seen him. – The Princess Pocahontas by Virginia Watson
  2. " There is something that thou couldst do, Sir Earl," whispered the Goblin, " but to essay it were a desperate attempt. – The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth W. Grierson
  3. I could have, thou couldst have, he could have; Plur. – A Grammar of the English Tongue by Samuel Johnson
  4. And should there be some notes That thou couldst teach me, as I plod alongside with my goats, I'll give thee for thy schooling this ewe, that horns hath none: Day after day she'll fill the can, until the milk o'errun." – Theocritus by Theocritus
  5. How couldst thou enter? – A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3) by Felix Dahn
  6. If thou couldst visit me, Faith! – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  7. Couldst thou affect me then? – A King, and No King by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
  8. I' faith, Kate, my wooing is fit for thy understanding: I am glad thou canst speak no better English; for if thou couldst thou wouldst find me such a plain king that thou wouldst think I had sold my farm to buy my crown. – King-Henry-V by Shakespeare, William
  9. " Would that thou couldst my poor maid," said Richard. – Unknown to History A Story of the Captivity of Mary of Scotland by Charlotte M. Yonge
  10. " But thou hadst thy knife, and would have stabbed him couldst thou ha' done so," said Gascoyne. – Men of Iron by Ernie Howard Pyle

What are the translations for couldst?

Afrikaans word for Couldst

die uiterste.

Bengali word for Couldst

লেগে আছেন.

Chinese word for Couldst


German word for Couldst


Hindi word for Couldst


Italian word for Couldst


Javanese word for Couldst


Malay word for Couldst


Marathi word for Couldst


Polish word for Couldst


Portuguese word for Couldst


Spanish word for Couldst


Tamil word for Couldst


Turkish word for Couldst

ül Alemi.