Definitions of broadway

  1. a street in Manhattan that passes through Times Square; famous for its theaters Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. A standard which the XConsortium is currently (January 1997) developing and plansto release soon as an open standard. A prime goal is to bemore bandwidth-efficient and easier to develop for (and toport) than the X Window System, which has been widelydescribed as over-sized, over-featured, over-engineered andincredibly over-complicated. (http://x.org/consortium/broadway.html). foldoc_fs
  3. a street in Manhattan famous for its restaurants and its theaters in the Times Square area. At its intersection with Seventh Avenue, it forms Times Square, an area with impressive displays of bright lights, particularly advertising; it is considered by some to be the cultural center of New York City. dictgcide_fs
  4. the theater district of Manhattan, located near Times Square. dictgcide_fs

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