Definitions of ceremoniousness

  1. a ceremonial manner Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. The quality, or practice, of being ceremonious. Webster Dictionary DB

Usage examples for ceremoniousness

  1. Without taking any direct part in politics or entering into any avowed opposition to the Court, he made his home, the Palais Royale, a gathering- place for all that was most distinguished in the new political and literary society of the capital; and while the Tuileries affected the pomp and the ceremoniousness of the old regime, the Duke of Orleans moved with the familiarity of a citizen among citizens. – History of Modern Europe 1792-1878 by C. A. Fyffe
  2. 9. I began by having Masses and prayers said for my intention- prayers that were highly sanctioned; for I never liked those other devotions which some people, especially women, make use of with a ceremoniousness to me intolerable, but which move them to be devout. – The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus by Teresa of Avila