How To Spell Delays?

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What are the usage examples for Delays?

  1. Mr. Jericho's explosion, and his unpleasant conduct generally- especially regarding Monica's dowry- had altered Mr. Candytuft's matrimonial intentions for the present: there were delays – John Leech, His Life and Work. Vol. 1 by William Powell Frith
  2. It was one of confusion; of awkward halts, delays hurries; of accident. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  3. An osmotic growth may be wounded, and a wound delays its growth and development like a disease or an accident in a living being. – The Mechanism of Life by Stéphane Leduc

What are the rhymes for Delays?

  1. craze, dais, conveys, raze, displays, bayes, clays, lase, polonaise, crase, lais, maes, maize, pays, braise, nays, maze, dase, bays, repays, leis, cliches, nase, filets, rase, kays, berets, lays, dossiers, phrase, weighs, pais, today's, raise, hays, preys, mase, gase, obeys, phase, mayes, cafes, daze, chaise, glaze, portrays, hayes, todays, reappraise, mais, essays, iras, defrays, ways, valets, grays, trays, strays, decays, malaise, rays, sais, haze, frase, lyonnaise, hase, malays, blaze, faze, oles, jays, claes, frays, gays, res, sprays, betrays, sways, blaise, baize, slays, kase, wais, brays, rephrase, blase, shays, days, plays, caches, prays, praise, stays, blayze, blaize, mays, bouquets, surveys, replays, braze, graze, gaze, dismays;
  2. ablaze, arrays, ballets, appraise, belays, amaze, allays;
  3. chevrolets, cabernets, dismutase, lyonnais;
  4. urokinase;

What are the translations for Delays?

Dutch words for Delays

vertragingen, achterstanden.

French words for Delays

retards, délais, atermoiements, décélérations.

German words for Delays

Verzögerungen, Aufenthalte, Verspätungen, Zeitverzögerungen.

Spanish words for Delays

atrasos, demoras, retrasos, retardos, tardanzas, dilaciones, aplazamientos, períodos de espera, postergaciones.