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How To Spell denotes?

Correct spelling: denotes

What are the common mistypes for denotes ?

  • ddnotes,
  • d4notes,
  • denotea,
  • denot4s,
  • dsnotes,
  • drnotes,
  • denotds,
  • deno6es,
  • fenotes,
  • denotws,
  • denktes,
  • renotes,
  • cenotes,
  • denltes,
  • denoges,
  • denot3s,
  • denotez,
  • dejotes,
  • d3notes,
  • dwnotes,
  • denotrs,
  • senotes,
  • denotss,
  • denptes,
  • eenotes,
  • xenotes,
  • denites,
  • denofes,
  • dehotes,
  • deno5es,
  • den9tes,
  • den0tes,
  • denoyes.

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This graph shows how "denotes" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for denotes?

  1. Either denotes one or the other of two and should never be applied to any one of more than two. – How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin
  2. Grace denotes the absence of sin, as light denotes the absence of darkness. – Reasonableness of Catholic Ceremonies and Practices by John J. Burke
  3. A noun or pronoun which denotes possession is in the possessive case. – The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever Easley S. Jones

What are the rhymes for denotes?

  1. notes, motes, moats, goats, oates, quotes, cotes, bloats, votes, coats, totes, dotes, oats, boats, throats, floats, gloats;
  2. promotes, devotes, connotes;