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Correct spelling: Devan

Devan \d(e)-van\

Devan as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Devan), is a variant of Devon (Old English).
Devin, Devyn, Devane, Devaun, Deven, Tevan, Devin, Devany, Devyn, Deven, Devana.

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Examples of usage for Devan:

  1. Among other social attentions, we received an invitation from Sahib Devan the governor of Khorassan, who next to the Shah is the richest man in Persia. – Across Asia on a Bicycle by Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben

Rhymes for Devan:

  1. seven;
  2. devon, heaven, leaven, bevan, evan, nevin, evon, beven, kevan;
  3. eleven, estefan;