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Correct spelling: Edna

Edna \e-dna, ed-na\

Edna as a girl's name is pronounced ED-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Edna is "renewer". Also possibly a biblical name from the same root as Eden, meaning "place of pleasure". Edna has also been used as an English form of the Irish Gaelic name Eithne, meaning "kernel". First used in the 17th century in England. Poet Edna Saint Vincent Millay; novelist Edna Ferber.
Edana, Edina, Edyna.
Eddie, Eda, Ena, eddy, Eddna, Eddi, Eddnah, Ednah.

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Examples of usage for Edna:

  1. It was Marjorie who first sprang forward and offered her hand to Edna Halstead. – Marjorie Dean High School Freshman by Pauline Lester
  2. Middleton, John and Edna – Frying Pan Farm by Elizabeth Brown Pryor
  3. A few months more, in the spring, he would be sailing on just such an iron carrier of joy, sailing to Paris, to Edna – Melomaniacs by James Huneker

Quotes for Edna:

  1. Every student of comedy should see Dame Edna at least twice.
  2. And there's no way I'm going to do Dame Edna.