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Correct spelling: Elena


Common misspellings for Elena:

veena, delemna, eleni, elana, delema, elenas, alena.

Elena \e-le-na\

sun ray, shining light
Elena as a girl's name is pronounced eh-LAYN-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Elena is "sun ray, shining light". Italian and Spanish form of Helen.
Related names:
Alexandra, Eleanor, Ellen, Olena.
Elene, Ilena, Alena, Ellena, Elona, Eilena, Elana, Elna, Elen, Eleana.
Elina, Elaina, Eleena, Eleni.

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Examples of usage for Elena:

  1. " Her family was what we called 'new people'; but there was plenty of money, and if Elena wanted me, why she must have me. "The Locusts' Years" , Mary Helen Fee.
  2. Elena wept and declared that she would have her own way. "The Locusts' Years" , Mary Helen Fee.
  3. If I had had the right stuff in me, Elena couldn't have driven me to the dogs. "The Locusts' Years" , Mary Helen Fee.

Rhymes for Elena:

  1. alena, avena, eirena, elaina, helena, irena, marlena, morena.
  2. dana, guenna, raina, reyna, shana.
  3. madalena.
  4. urena, verena.
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