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How To Spell equalization?

Correct spelling: equalization

Definition of equalization:

  1. The act of equalizing; the state of being equalized.

List of misspellings for equalization:

  • reaklisation,
  • illegalisation,
  • e2ualization,
  • equalizatipn,
  • medicalization,
  • inilalization,
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  • aquasition.

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Quotes for equalization:

  1. In a government whose distinguishing characteristic should be a diffusion and equalization of its benefits and burdens the advantage of individuals will be augmented at the expense of the community at large.

Rhymes for equalization:

  1. immigration, advocation, calibration, laceration, fibrillation, confabulation, damnation, dedication, regulation, resuscitation, recommendation, allocation, indication, instrumentation, initiation, extermination, remediation, insemination, elaboration, manipulation, deformation, limitation, normalization, recalculation, pronunciation, gentrification, inspiration, indignation, diversification, desegregation, revitalization, automation, glaciation, miscreation, exfoliation, rotation, exaggeration, ornamentation, miscalculation, dilatation, aviation, strangulation, consolation, perspiration, differentiation, expropriation, admiration, cremation, sarmatian, reconsideration, derivation, quantification, salvation, liquidation, variation, cogitation, stalinization, disqualification, fertilization, personification, conflagration, corp, confiscation, constellation, renovation, stimulation, demoralization, incoordination, elimination, litigation, annihilation, restoration, depopulation, adulation, fascination, concentration, orientation, association, obligation, gratification, capitulation, exploration, exhalation, gastrulation, protestation, gasification, corporation, hesitation, invitation, corroboration, equitation, compensation, experimentation, codification, overvaluation, desperation, reincarnation, degradation, ejaculation, saturation, consultation, education, transformation, indexation, implication, impregnation, renunciation, narration, expectation, accumulation, complication, humiliation, liberalization, vocation, dissemination, cultivation, translation, characterization, commercialization, balkanization, insubordination, privatisation, demonization, adoration, violation, avocation, simulation, harmonization, agitation, legalization, modulation, civilization, presentation, dehydration, oscillation, globalization, hospitalization, articulation, inhabitation, disinclination, depravation, location, negotiation, publication, summation, socialization, gravitation, assassination, indemnification, reaffirmation, destabilization, installation, colonization, discoloration, fumigation, inauguration, amputation, germination, congregation, misrepresentation, taxation, negation, monopolization, unionization, commendation, estimation, reevaluation, emulation, misapplication, constipation, devastation, incubation, hydrogenation, inflammation, reclamation, proliferation, imitation, isolation, dispensation, emanation, exhortation, rejuvenation, elevation, deliberation, disinflation, rumination, falsification, solicitation, retardation, annexation, divination, trepidation, miniaturization, contemplation, commemoration, dictation, ostentation, innovation, altercation, oxidation, illumination, affiliation, termination, dilation, glorification, desolation, stagflation, destination, annotation, elongation, evaporation, immunization, ionization, illustration, repatriation, preservation, denunciation, echolocation, reiteration, impersonation, dehumanization, decentralization, discrimination, recertification, revelation, mechanization, insinuation, russification, relaxation, inhalation, mediation, organisation, deforestation, decoration, habitation, transportation, evocation, filtration, dissociation, determination, stipulation, argumentation, deceleration, equivocation, conservation, masturbation, modernization, motivation, vindication, designation, probation, jubilation, radiation, expiration, fragmentation, rehabilitation, lubrication, reorganization, edification, recitation, approbation, overpopulation, decertification, repudiation, indentation, coordination, insulation, foundation, calculation, nucleation, collaboration, pigmentation, miseration, procrastination, generation, foliation, legislation, fabrication, fermentation, replication, crustacean, examination, inundation, redecoration, simplification, obfuscation, proclamation, categorization, desalinization, donation, localization, politicization, inflation, exclamation, revaluation, situation, stabilization, appropriation, popularization, oration, misidentification, subluxation, enumeration, confederation, rectification, compilation, amplification, alteration, remuneration, discontinuation, coronation, federation, reconciliation, ministration, correlation, transillumination, evacuation, deflation, operation, amortization, reconfiguration, indoctrination, intimation, embarkation, congratulation, menstruation, coloration, incarceration, temptation, revocation, permutation, electrification, duration, pollination, dissipation, recrimination, segmentation, rehydration, nondiscrimination, contamination, notification, reforestation, respiration, ligation, stagnation, delineation, magnification, demobilization, telecommunication, prefabrication, participation, deviation, visitation, triangulation, starvation, moderation, sophistication, appreciation, specification, integration, precipitation, anticipation, deification, concatenation, affirmation, usurpation, tabulation, detoxification, verification, recreation, mutation, defamation, confirmation, reinvigoration, resignation, detonation, privatization, cooperation, ramification, granulation, palpitation, animation, duplication, combination, backwardation, ratification, fluctuation, democratization, molestation, facilitation, desecration, croatian, medication, amelioration, notation, naturalization, authorization, pagination, consecration, imagination, conjugation, condensation, application, perforation, speculation, incantation, appalachian, pasteurization, fixation, vaccination, rationalization, self-congratulation, renomination, flirtation, procreation, conglomeration, domestication, culmination, vibration, christianization, cohabitation, transplantation, lactation, inclination, vilification, standardization, gradation, propagation, polarization, relation, premeditation, deregulation, sequestration, centralization, preoccupation, mineralization, dramatization, delegation, nationalization, ventilation, incrimination, dissertation, malformation, aggravation, mitigation, invalidation, adaptation, sedimentation, decontamination, nonproliferation, subsidization, consolidation, excommunication, vulgarization, consideration, industrialization, disorganization, exhilaration, sedation, conversation, securitization, hydration, desalination, disputation, intoxication, demodulation, recuperation, perpetuation, victimization, retaliation, ovation, interpretation, declaration, infiltration, alienation, proration, meditation, instigation, registration, inoculation, organization, reauthorization, representation, adjudication, hyperinflation, perturbation, reaffiliation, reflation, frustration, refrigeration, reinterpretation, valuation, affectation, privation, gyration, utilization, personalization, ovulation, justification, purification, devaluation, depreciation, migration, nomination, interrogation, gestation, importation, nitration, exacerbation, creation, appellation, misappropriation, connotation, emigration, mutilation, sensation, allegation, exhumation, information, dislocation, hibernation, orchestration, irradiation, augmentation, reunification, computation, occupation, invocation, saponification, excavation, syndication, computerization, disinformation, aspiration, intimidation, certification, explication, improvisation, distillation, subordination, reverberation, intonation, infatuation, dalmatian, punctuation, liberation, extrapolation, flotation, pontification, agglomeration, prognostication, toleration, amalgamation, ossification, elation, prostration, optimization, hybridization, incarnation, irritation, marginalization, figuration, formation, decapitation, exoneration, suffocation, misinformation, alleviation, degeneration, explanation, disorientation, mummification, modification, reclassification, deprivation, conciliation, separation, vegetation, disembarkation, approximation, refutation, vaporization, fluoridation, incapacitation, observation, inactivation, miscommunication, exasperation, emancipation, visualization, sanctification, regimentation, deportation, westernization, cancellation, nullification, identification, plantation, consternation, assimilation, maximization, escalation, disintegration, misinterpretation, profanation, continuation, communication, relocation, exploitation, criminalization, configuration, reexamination, graduation, reservation, ordination, optation, suburbanization, intensification, origination, formulation, bifurcation, reputation, reformation, arbitration, machination, rededication, affrication, urbanization, sterilization, classification, denomination, demonstration, reparation, expatriation, evaluation, titillation, vacation, libration, generalization, irrigation, validation, maturation, vacillation, implantation, pacification, domination, infestation, fortification, quotation, neutralization, manifestation, navigation, coagulation, renegotiation, horatian, documentation, unification, reconfirmation, segregation, denationalization, incrustation, condemnation, substantiation, specialization, investigation, incorporation, multiplication, convocation, hallucination, imputation, sanitation, collectivization, implementation, communization, desiccation, population, authentication, depredation, mobilization, qualification, recantation, preparation, reallocation, magnetization, levitation, realization, provocation, celebration, pressurization, regeneration, demarcation, undervaluation, excitation, confrontation, consummation, tribulation, clarification, eradication, predestination;
  2. nation, haitian, ration, station;
  3. causation, carnation, alsatian, cessation, citation, cetacean, castration;
  4. accusation, activation, abdication, acclimation, abrogation, aberration;
  5. abomination, accreditation, accommodation, abbreviation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

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