How To Spell Ewell?

Correct spelling: Ewell

 \e-well, ewe-ll\

law-powerful; winter solstice
Ewell as a boy's name is a variant of Ewald (Old English) and Yule (Old English), and the meaning of Ewell is "law-powerful; winter solstice".

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What are the usage examples for Ewell?

  1. For some reason General Hatch was too slow in his movements, and General Ewell with a division of Lee's army, reached the place on the sixteenth, one day ahead of Hatch. – Three Years in the Federal Cavalry by Willard Glazier

What are the rhymes for Ewell?

  1. sewell, gruel, newell, jewel, sewall, juul;
  2. fuel, cruel, duel, dual, crewel, buell;
  3. refuel, renewal, accrual;